This might be the most frequent question I get asked. A valid one for sure. Hatha Yoga would be the short answer. I could, and often do, get into a long explanation on how I get inspired by merging traditional ancient yogic truths with western therapeutical insight. The following qoute reveals the dilemma…

Words cannot convey the value of yoga – it has to be experienced.
B.K.S Iyengar

After practicing one day, I realized that how I actually wish to teach might be called EVER EVOLVING!
I can’t share yoga in the way I started out years ago, since I’ve learned so much since then.

The way I approach the methodology of teaching, practice, philosophy today and what I transmitt to the people I meet in class is a reflection of my own inner state, maturity, self-compassion and level of insight.

One great passion I have in life is learning. I love the fact that wisdom, creativity and inspiration are endless, that paths are many and that the personality I have today, the mirror and window through which I understand life, will be different in a few years from now because I will have gained experience. I wish that the way I share yoga in the future will be different from the way I share it today. I wish it will be even more sensitive, heartful and true, free of stagnation in its form and content, with an openness to change to inspire freedom.

Sharing your joy is good. It is a great virtue. In fact, all other virtues are by-products of sharing your bliss. Sharing is the very foundation. The source. Share your truth. Share your meditation. Share your love. Share whatsoever inner beauty arises in you. Whatsoever glow arises in you. Share your inner flame. Never be a miser. You will become richer and richer. And there is no end to that richness. OSHO

May my horizon always be wide and expansive!