Yoga in primary health care

Petra Kalla Blog

I celebrated the international yoga day at my physiotherapy work together with the therapeutic yoga group. Patients with long term pain, post-operative pain, neurological diseases, fibromyalgia and other stress related conditions. Since it was the last class we had a sharing. I was both blown away and yet not surprised by their experiences of pain relief, more sense of body awareness, ease in movement and how important the relaxation they have found has been to them.

We have done simple but profound yogic practices such as nr 1: guided relaxation in shavasana and yogic/diafragmatic deep breathing, gentle repetetive breath centered asanas, brahmari, and yoga nidra.

I am immensely grateful that I actually can share this in swedish primary health care, with research to support the empiric experience. I know this is just the beginning and I will dedicate my life in what ever way Bhagavan, existence, guides me to help make yoga therapy researched, acknowledged, understood, shared and practiced!

This last two courses with patients have truly strenghtened my heartfelt sense that WE need this as a society where stress related diseases, exhaustion and long term pain seems ever growing. Yoga is slow medicine, but it works.medi tree