Yoga för bäckenbotten

Petra Kalla Okategoriserade



The base of support for your spine and organs, a highly sensitive energetic center, a part of our body connected to strong emotions such as pleasure and shame – the pelvic floor is of great importance in our lives, often disconnected from and forgotten.

Welcome to an immersion where we explore practices to reconnect to the pelvic floor, expanding on the general Moola bandha: root lock, exploring more subtle and focused ways of activation. Learn how to engage, relax and stretch different parts of the pelvic floor through an integrated approach blending traditional yogic practices and physiotherapy.

We will acknowledge this part of our bodies for the structural, sensual, spiritual value it holds, for both women and men.

MAYBE YOU ARE… in need of a deeper connection with this part of your body, in need of healing and relaxation.

MAYBE YOU ARE… longing for increased pelvic floor strength so that you can jump, run, dance and laugh without a second thought.

MAYBE YOU ARE… a yogi who wants to understand the deeper value of pelvic floor practices.

MAYBE YOU ARE… a yoga teacher or health care practitioner who be able to give a tailored pelvic floor practice routine.

WHERE: Yogansa
WHEN: 25/11, 10.00-12:30
PRICE: 350 sek