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Embarking on the yogic path is a radical act. It will show you your deepest fears, addictions and pains. It will, if you work towards balancing effort (abhyasa) and surrender (vairagya) lead you towards the inner truth of who you are.

Working on this teacher training I noticed that both me, my dear collegues and foremost all trainees have a shared intention of being light workers, healers, change makers: yogis.

In this day and age being a yogi means many things. For many of us it means standing firm in our own values and etichal principles. These values tend to be in line with the universal values described in the ancient yogic scriptures such as Patanjali Yoga Sutras and the Bhagavad Gita. Ahimsa: non-injury to self and others, is the value that goes in and through all the others. Seems simple enough, right? But often yogis find themselves standing mid-stream and against the  current of  our society’s common behaviours and thoughts. Even more often we find that being a yogi challenge our personal way of being, thinking, speaking, reacting, interacting and behaving. All so we can grow. Shed layers. Be a little more free inside. Not goverened so much by the never ending impulses of our mind. We practice yoga so we can act more and more from a sense of deep and true inner compassion and clarity.

During the third module of Urban Oms teacher training we all shed skin, I think teachers, mentors and trainees a like.

I am so grateful for my dear teachers Noah and Radha. For the effort they’ve have made on the yogic path so that they can share it from such an inner depth of experiential wisdom. Such a gift this life I have been given.

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