Lectures on physiology and anatomy – a yogic perspective

Petra Kalla Okategoriserade

Yogic practices aid us on a physiological level to find the sattvic balance, or in western terms, homeostasis. This means we maintain internal physiological stability, where the different systems of the body work as a whole in a coordinated response to the demands of the external world. This also applies to a sense of psychological equilibrium when the mind is free from tension and free to respond adequately to the needs of the body or the tasks at hand. By knowing how the practice affects us physiologically, mentally and emotionally we can guide ourselves, or our yoga students, to a safe and enjoyable yoga practice. Awareness of our physiological responses, and understanding of their mechanisms, helps us to self manage and consciously choose more constructive and appropriate reactions or actions. Your yoga can change and be born from within, from your needs today and in every changing moment.

I teach physiology and anatomy for yoga teachers, balancing traditional insights with up-to-date research. Example of topics: musculoskeletal anatomy, brain and nervous system, breathing physiology and safe asana practice through adapted alignment.

Welcome to contact me if you’re looking for a guest teacher for your yoga teacher training!  

OM namah / Petra Parvati