28th of june – 4th of july 2020 | Laponia, northern Sweden

A yogic hiking adventure into the mountain wilderness – the land of the midnight sun…


A week of peaceful nature in the World Heritage of Laponia

Hike and practice yoga in the unique billowing valleys of Padjelanta National park, with the sharp peaks of Sarek as backdrop. Far away from social media and the stress of modern life.

To hike is as ancient as humankind

and it is part of our heritage, the body remembers. Mindful hiking, taking in the surroundings and present moment is purifying and healing for mind and body alike. It is the most natural way to strengthen the body. We carry a 10-12 kg back pack over a distance of 10-20 km/day in moderate terrain. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding your physical ability or level of experience.  

Practice yoga and qigong under the open sky

This will deepen our contact to our own spirit as well as the spirit of the land. The open and wast mountains inspire a sense of freedom and heartfelt connection to the present moment. Our yoga practice aims to give us vitality and space within the body-mind. In the mornings we set the intention and theme for the day and prepare the body for the hike. During the day we pause for yoga to regain energy and relax the body. We will have to adapt to weather, place and your needs. Some evenings we practice meditation and relaxation to encourage good sleep and regained energy, so that we can meet the next day of hiking fully restored.

Padjelanta – a vast flowering mountain meadow

The indigenous people of Sweden, the Samis, has lived in the area for thousands of years. As nomads they have wandered together with their reindeers over the mountains and their culture is infused with respect for nature. We will walk carefully through this vast wilderness. As visitors we borrow the land from them and we take care to leave no trace behind us.

The simple life – chop wood and carry water

We live in cosy mountains huts with no electricity or running water.  We share rooms that are equipped with comfortable beds, blankets and pillows. The food is well thought through and nourishing, primarily vegan and ecological. Based on your needs and wishes local delicacies such as Sami bread and special coffee – mountain style, directly from the pot, can be served. At our final destination, Saltoluokta mountain station, there are the luxury of a sauna overlooking the mountains and lakes.

Your guides

Petra Kalla, physiotherapist and an IAYT certified Yoga Therapist, born and raised in the north, collaborates with experienced mountain guide Mirja Andersson from Laponia Adventures who will guide us safely through this magnificent national park.


Included meals marked each day with B=breakfast, L=lunch and D=dinner



We meet outside the train station in Gällivare, where we go through our backpacks. Then the mini-bus takes us to Ritsem, a small village by the end of a winding mountain road. From there we take the boat across Áhkkájávrre. After a 45 minute boat ride we hike the last kilometers to  the Áhkká cabins by the foot of the queen of the mountains. We have dinner together and depending on the weather we finish the day with a yoga class, either outside or in the cabin.

Hiking distance: 2 km, elevation gain/loss: close to 0 m, estimated time hiking: 30 min

We arrange transfer from the airports in Luleå. Pick-up latest 8.00.


We start the day with a refreshing yoga class before we have breakfast in the hut. Our trek today takes us over the bridge across the powerful river Vuojatädno and continue through a sparse mountain birch forest. The trail lead us along the foot of the majestic Áhkká mountain, passing the point where the three biggest national parks in Sweden meet and finish in Kisuris cabin. We have dinner and end the day with a yoga class to give potentially sore muscles some attention.

Hiking distance: 14 km, elevation gain/loss: close to +250/-100 m, estimated time hiking: 6h


In the morning we do yoga and make a day hike in the area around the hut before we head down to the lake Kutjaure. A boat takes us across the lake to the Sami settlement on the other side where we have dinner cooked over the open fire.. We hope for good weather to enjoy Yoga outside, maybe on top of a mountain.

Hiking distance: 5-15 km, estimated time hiking: 6h


We wake up our bodies with yoga before we make a plan for the day. Not far away from the hut there is an impressive waterfall and if we choose to continue further there is a mountain from where you can see far in to both Padjelanta and Sarek national parks. We take some time to enjoy the view, a yoga class or meditation before we roll back down to the lake again for a well deserved sauna.

Hiking distance: 5-15 km, estimated time hiking: 6h


Our last hiking day takes us north-east through a wide U-shaped valley. If weather permits there will be a yoga class in the mountains before reaching Vaisaluokta where we will stay for the night. We pass a Sami settlement and visit their church built with traditional material that you’ll find in the area.

Hiking distance: 18 km, elevation gain/loss: +250/-350, estimated time hiking: 8h


Before leaving Vaisaluokta we enjoy the healing power of nature and have yoga class and meditation by the lake. A boat will take us across Áhkájávrre back to Ritsem from where we continue by bus to Saltoluokta mountain lodge. We’ll give your body and mind time to transition back to the modern society. When arriving Saltoluokta we make a short hike before we enjoy hot showers and a sauna followed by a three-course dinner in the restaurant.

Hiking distance: 1-2 km, elevation gain/loss: close to zero, estimated time hiking: 1h


We start the day with a morning yoga class. After finishing the organic breakfast in the restaurant at Saltoluokta mountain lodge it is time to say good-bye and wish you safe travels home. A boat will take you across lake Langas and we recommend you to arrange your travel home from Kebnats bus stop on the other side.

We can arrange transfer to the airports in Luleå. Drop-off earliest 16.00

The price includes:
  • Local English and Swedish speaking guide
  • Certified Yoga therapist from Sacred Spine Yoga Therapy
  • Accommodation 5 nights in cabins
  • Accommodation 1 nights in hostels including bed-linen
  • All meals and snacks including 3-course dinner in Saltoluokta
  • Boat transfers
  • Safety equipment
  • Storage of travel luggage
  • Pick-up and drop-off at the airport in Luleå: SEK 1800 round trip
  • Upgrade to private room at Saltoluokta SEK 315-640

A normal day offers temperatures from 10 to 25 degrees. Temperature in July can drop down to 5 degrees and we could get strong winds and a lot of rainfall. There can be mosquitos but normally they don’t peak until later.

Special diet
The food will be based on vegan food but please let us know if you have any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Passport & Visa

Make sure you check the current regulations for passport and visa to travel to Sweden.

We recommend you to have valid travel insurance.

We may need to adjust the route and the itinerary according to the conditions for the local reindeer herders, as well as current weather conditions.


WHEN: 28th of june – 4th of july 2020
WHERE: Gällivare 09:00 to Gällivare 12:00
PRICE: 16’950 SEK

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